Work flow

This job is probably the most difficult one that I’ve ever had to endure. Sure I’m making good money now and I guess it’s also great that I’m a supervisor. But as a supervisor, I have a huge list of responsibilities on top of whatever things I have to do as a regular employee. It’s not just delegating, I also have to perform many tasks alongside my fellow colleagues. But there’s so many things that are out of my control that management thinks “should be” that I’m constantly pushed to the limit. This place has its ups and downs. When things are good, they’re good. But the opposite end of that spectrum is equally damaging and it over shadows the good. For example, today I did the job of two people (not flawlessly) but I got shit done. It didn’t matter though because things should’ve been perfect. are they nitpicking over something I could’ve fixed? Or maybe it’s not even my problem? The team is far from perfect, but I’m letting go of one person so it will be awhile to achieve that stability. What if I were to step down as supervisor anyways? I don’t think it would change things… I’m a hard worker it would probably fall upon me anyways.